Have you ever wondered exactly what emotions would take over if you discovered you’d become a millionaire?

Ahead of Lotto's $20 million Superdraw Saturday this weekend, we asked our previous division one winners to describe the moment they heard the unexpected news. 

From tears and triumphant screams, to checking their winning ticket over and over again in sheer disbelief, our division one winners’ reactions are varied and surprising.

“Pure disbelief, then excitement, then disbelief again. We hoped and prayed that it wasn’t a mistake. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world,” one winner shared.    

“I was numb, I tried to scream but I couldn't. I checked my ticket dozens of times throughout the night,” another added.

“I cannot put into words how I felt, it was bloody fantastic,” one division one winner declared.

“It was an unbelievable feeling, but I always knew it would happen,” another told us.

And not surprisingly, for some of our winners it took weeks and sometimes even months before they really believed they’d won the big one. 

“It was an absolutely amazing feeling. I felt nervous, I felt joy and when we saw it in our bank account, we still couldn’t believe it!” a division one winner explained.

“I got my wife to confirm she loved me, rechecked the ticket, then told her we’d won the lottery!” one man laughed. 

“I felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness and all life’s biggest worries simply dissolved. I cried tears of joy,” another said.

“I just couldn’t believe it had happened to me! It’s such a surreal feeling, and although I’d dreamt about what I’d do if I ever won the lottery, then and there I had no idea!” one winner confessed.

Can you believe that our last Superdraw Saturday saw 10 division one winning entries take home an incredible $2 million each? Their reactions varied from stunned silence to tears of joy and everything in between. 

With the September $20 million Superdraw just around the corner, we cannot wait to hear what our soon-to-be winners have to say when we call them to break the life-changing news that they’ve won division one!  

Don’t forget to grab your entry instore at your local outlet, online at thelott.com or via The Lott app. The $20 million Superdraw Saturday draw closes 7:30pm AEST, Saturday 4 September so get in quick!