A south-western Sydney woman is struggling to concentrate at work today as she imagines a life of pure freedom after taking home a multi-million-dollar prize in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw. 

The New South Wales player held one of the 10 division one winning entries across Australia in Saturday Lotto’s $20 Million Superdraw, draw 4071 on 25 July 2020. Each entry won a division one prize of $2 million. 

Sharing her excitement with us this morning, the woman said she’d been waiting patiently for the news to be confirmed. 

“I’ve been waiting for this phone call!” she laughed.

“I need someone to confirm that this is actually real. I’m shaking so much. 

“I honestly can’t believe it. Thank you very much. 

“My husband and I are so excited. It’s unreal. 

“This is an absolute game changer for us. 

“We checked the ticket when we were in bed on Saturday night. 

“My husband told me the news and I thought for sure that he must have been joking. 

“I just keep wondering, ‘is this really happening?’. 

“It’s just so hard to believe!”

When asked how she imagined life as a multi-millionaire, the Sydney woman said she’d be relishing the freedom.

“We’re going to pay off our mortgage and set ourselves up so we don’t have to stress about things and just live comfortably,” she explained. 

“We want to build a new house! 

“It will be such a relief to know our house is ours and we don’t have to keep working for years and years if we don’t want to. 

“It takes all the pressure away. It’s overwhelming!” 

The happy woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her winning System 10 entry online at thelott.com – Australia’s official lotteries.