A private syndicate of three Sebastopol colleagues are walking into work with a skip in their step this morning after splitting more than $738,000 in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw.

The Victorian residents held one of the seven division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4405, drawn Saturday 7 October 2023 and pocketed a total prize of $738,668.19.

“This is unbelievable!” one of the winning colleagues exclaimed when we called to confirm the win.

“I was with my family on Saturday night and was waiting to check my entry, but the numbers were slow to load I assumed we’d won nothing!

“It finally dawned on me that we’d won division one and I had to immediately contact the two other members of this group.

“We only started playing together this year, but I’ve been playing for 40 years. I can’t believe I’m getting this phone call.

“It’s even nicer because I get to share this with a couple of other people. It’s going to change our lives.”

When asked how they all planned to spend their prize money, one of the group’s members said some overdue renovations would be a top priority.

“I know we all want to renovate our homes,” she said.

“I’ve been wanting to fix up our kitchen, concrete the driveway and do a few other things so that will be what happens first.

“I’ll also share it with my children and ensure they get a little boost.

“What an incredible way to start the week. We’re over the moon!”

The friend’s winning 36-game QuickPick was purchased online at thelott.com – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.