Two Tasmanian players are looking forward to enjoying life as newly-minted multi-millionaires after each scored a tremendous $2 million in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw. 

A Launceston woman and Hobart man each held a division one winning entry in TattsLotto draw 4177 on Saturday 31 July 2021. 

“This is life-changing!”: Self-proclaimed battler from Launceston struggling to comprehend $2 million winning news 

A self-proclaimed battler from Launceston says her life has completely changed for the better after scoring $2 million in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw. 

“Wait, what!? Are you serious?” she questioned when speaking to an official from The Lott this morning. 

“Are you kidding me!? Are you sure!? 

“I feel so weird right now. This is such a weird feeling! 

“What is going on!? 

“You’ve bamboozled me! I feel so confused! Are you sure this isn’t a trick? 

“This is crazy! I never answer calls from numbers I don’t know because I always think they’re nuisance people who are trying to do something naughty. 

“But you called me so many times that I thought I’d just answer it and see what it was about. 

“This is just crazy. We are little Aussie battlers, so this is life-changing for us. 

“It’s fantastic! Thank you so much!” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her windfall, the elated woman said she wanted to use it wisely. 

“We are going to be very sensible with it,” she explained. 

“The first thing we will do is pay off our bills and, of course, invest some. 

“There might be something fun in there, like a spa, or some little things for around the house, but I am not sure. 

“I need to believe what you are saying before I can make plans!” 

The winning entry was purchased at Festival Westbury Lotto Outlet, Westbury IGA, 39-45 Meander Valley Highway, Westbury. 

Festival Westbury Lotto Outlet, Westbury IGA owner Judy Fellows said she was celebrating the exciting news. 

“The staff and I were all so shocked and excited when we heard the news and hoped it was one of our regular and loyal customers that won the big one,” she shared. 

“We will be celebrating and we already can’t wait to do it again! 

“Our customers are going to be so surprised by this amazing news and, no doubt, hoping they’re next.

“This is the first division one winning entry we’ve sold, so it’s a huge milestone for us. 

“We’d love to send our congratulations to our winner, and we can’t wait to do it again.” 

“Bulls***!”: Hobart man floored by $2 million TattsLotto win 

When a Hobart man heard he’d won $2 million in TattsLotto, he couldn’t stop shaking and needed to sit down. 

“Oh no! Oh no! No! No! Is this real? Are you for real?” the winning man laughed when an official from The Lott shared the news. 

“Are you sure? I don’t know if this is real! It doesn’t feel real!

“This is feels like a dream! What the hell! 

“Bullsh**! Hang on! Hang on!
“I need to sit down! I can’t stop shaking! This is insane. 

“This is too good to be true.

“This is so hard to believe! I’ve never won anything, not a single thing – until now, that is! 

“This is absolutely marvellous. I am blown away. 

“Thank you so much!” 

“I don’t know what I am going to do with the prize. I’m struggling to believe this is even true," he explained when asked how he planned to enjoy his prize. 

“I’ll share it with the kids, but the rest, I am not sure. I need to really sit down and soak it all in. 

“I’ll celebrate with my daughter today too, and maybe we can make a plan for what to do with it.” 

His winning marked 15-game entry was purchased at Cove Hill Newsagency, Shop 11 Cove Hill Fair Shopping Centre, Cove Hill Road, Bridgewater. 

Cove Hill Newsagency owner Ted Slater said he was over the moon to have made another customer a division one winner. 

“It’s great news,” he said. “It’s just so wonderful to know we have changed one of our customer's lives. 

“The last time we sold a division one winning entry in TattsLotto, the following Thursday we sold a division one winning entry in Powerball, so we’re hoping that’s what happens again! 

“We just love selling division one winning entries to our customers and hopefully we can do it again soon.

“We’d love to send our congratulations to our winner. We wish him all the best with his prize.”