There's something special about being part of an event where multiple people can become millionaires in a moment. 

Lotto’s Million-YEAH Saturday is all about creating multiple millionaires and it's not to be missed. On November 28, this one draw is set to create up to 10 new millionaires.*

Curious to know more? Here’s ten reasons why we’re counting down the days until Million-YEAH Saturday! 

1. Millionaires, millionaires, millionaires! 
For this one draw only, $1 million prize is guaranteed for up to ten division one winners. Imagine finding out that you’re one of Australia’s newest millionaires!

2. We love a special event 
Christmas, New Years, birthdays— there’s an inherent buzz around those special days that only occur once a year. As far as exciting occasions in the Lott’s calendar go, Million-YEAH Saturday is up there. This one-off special draw doesn’t come around often, so make sure you get involved while you can!

3. Upgraded Christmas plans 
Speaking of special occasions, Million-YEAH Saturday takes place less than four weeks out from Christmas. We have no doubt that becoming a millionaire would be a sure-fire way to upgrade your plans for the festive season!   

4. The anticipation
The lead-up to Million-YEAH Saturday is electric. Up to ten possible millionaires  could be crowned across the country and it's only time before the results are revealed. It’s bound to get busy in-store and online ahead of the draw so make sure to beat the rush and grab your entries early. 

5. The decisive moment
While this is a special Lotto occasion, the way you play and how the draw is conducted remain the same. However, knowing that this unique event is offering more Aussies the chance to become a millionaire makes that pivotal moment when the numbers are drawn that much more thrilling. We’ll be eagerly watching the balls roll and wondering who out there has those crucial six matching numbers to take out division one and become an overnight millionaire! 

6. The winning reactions
As much as we relish the pre-draw excitement, the days after the draw are unforgettable as we contact our division one winners to confirm the life-changing news. If the reactions from past newly minted millionaires are anything to go by, we can expect to hear some screams of joy, maybe some choice swear words, and even complete disbelieving silence. 

7. The good news stories
The possibility of hearing how ten new Australian millionaires are going to enjoy their prize is another reason we can’t wait for Million-YEAH Saturday.  Once the news starts to sink in, winners often tell us what dreams they’re excited to make a reality— from buying a new home, taking the time to pursue a passion, or visiting a bucket-list destination while on holiday with family. 

8.  Sharing that winning feeling 
While this one draw could create up to ten new millionaires, we’re not surprised when division one winners tell us how eager they are to share their win with the nearest and dearest. It’s a great thought to imagine how this one draw could ripple out and spread the Million-YEAH winning feeling across groups of families and friends. 

9.  Ending the month on a high 
Million-YEAH Saturday falls on the last weekend of November and we’re excited to end the month with a bang. 28 November 2020 is the date we have marked in our calendars– make sure you do too! 

10. Did we mention millionaires?
In 2019, Lotto created 203 millionaires across Australia between 1 January and 31 December. It’s the game that makes the most millionaires and this one draw could see a big boost to that millionaire tally for 2020. 

Visit your local retailer or grab your entries online before the draw closes 7:30PM AEST, Saturday 28 November

We can’t wait for Lotto’s Million-YEAH Saturday event— the draw that’s all about creating multiple millionaires! 

Could you be one of them? 

* Min $1M prize for up to 10 winners; if there are 11 or more Div 1 winners, they will share $10M. Chance of winning a Division One prize is 1 in 8,145,060.