Two western Sydney men have had an unforgettable start to the week, both discovering they’re suddenly millionaires after taking home division one in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw. 

The New South Wales players held two of the six division one winning entries across Australia in Saturday Lotto draw 4191 on 18 September 2021. Each division one winning entry won a prize of $1,048,320.62. 

Last minute decision changes Homebush man’s life in a “big way” 

A Homebush man has explained the Saturday Lotto entry that made him a millionaire on the weekend was purchased just moments before the draw closed. 

Confirming his win with our team this morning, the Sydney player said he was still wrapping his head around his incredible win. 

“Thank you,” he laughed. 

“I feel weird. 

“I bought the ticket really last minute, just before the draw closed.   

“I feel pretty happy, but certainly very strange. 

“I just need lockdown to end so I can go out and celebrate! 

“This changes everything. I will certainly be taking a holiday as soon as I can.” 

His life-changing 36-game QuickPick entry was purchased online at – Australia’s official lotteries. 

Parramatta man admits he always knew he was going to win the lottery 

A Parramatta man who claims he always knew he’d win the lottery one day is now revelling in the arrival of that highly anticipated winning moment.

Sharing his excitement with us, the winner admitted he was excited, but not shocked, when he checked his winning entry. 

“Oh wow!” he laughed.

“Thank you so much. It’s amazing! This will help us so much. 

“This is a great feeling. Wow! 

“I’ve always sensed that I would win one day and now that day is here and it is incredible. 

“I am going to pay off the mortgage, build a new house and go on a holiday!” 

The Oatlands resident picked up his marked System 7 entry at Oatlands Pharmacy, 42 Belmore Street East, Oatlands. 

Oatlands Pharmacy owner Michael Behan said he was incredibly excited for his local and regular customer. 

“We were stunned when we learnt that we’d sold this division one winning entry,” he said. 

“The Oatlands community is over the moon that luck has come their way and now it allows us to spread the wonderful news to all our loyal customers.  

“It will certainly be a huge talking point for a long time to come, as this event brings the reality of winning right to our doorstep. 

“We are so happy for our winner. Congratulations to him!”