The halfway mark towards the deadline for a mystery Gippsland division one winner to claim their prize worth over $1 million will be reached this weekend. 

Despite searching for Gippsland’s unaware millionaire, we are yet to hear the winning scream of delight from the mystery TattsLotto player who took home division one in TattsLotto draw 4035 drawn 21 March 2020. 

The division one winning ticket was not registered to a Tatts Card so our teams have no way of contacting the winner with the dream-come-true news that they are $1,386,240.79 richer. 

In Victoria, winners can claim their prize from the state revenue office once the deadline to claim from The Lott passes. 

The winning entry was purchased at Emerald Newsagency, 4 Kelvington Drive, Emerald. Emerald Newsagency owner Carl Mardirian said he was still hoping to unite the winner with their prize. 

“Every time someone checks their ticket we are hoping it is our mystery division one winner!” he exclaimed. 

“We still hold out hope of finding them and telling them they are millionaire. 

“Every week our customers ask us ‘has it been claimed yet’ and we have to say ‘no not yet’.

“I can’t wait until the day I can say ‘yes it has!’.” 

Imagine how different the past months would have been for our winner if they knew they were a millionaire!

They could have been walking around with a winning ticket in their back pocket, at the bottom of their handbag or tucked away in their purse without realising it. 

Instead, time is ticking, and we’ve reached the halfway point for the winner to be able to claim their prize from The Lott. We are in the business of paying prizes so are eager to unite the winner with their million-dollar win.

We're encouraging all of our players who bought an entry from Emerald Newsagency to check their wallets, purses, car gloveboxes, reusable grocery bags and under the magnets on their fridge to see if they can find the winning entry. 

If you are clearing out your receipts and paperwork before tax time make sure you check any tickets you have laying around as you could be our winner! 

If you discover you are holding the division one winning ticket contact us on 131 868 to begin the process of claiming your prize!