A Hervey Bay retiree says he’s started the week with the best phone call he could ever imagine receiving – a call deliver news he won division one in the weekend’s Super 66 draw. 

The Fraser Coast resident held the only division one winning entry across Australia in Super 66 draw 4077 on Saturday 15 August 2020. The entry won a division one prize of $102,307.60. 

This morning an official from the Lott broke the news to the man, who had spent the weekend oblivious to his windfall. 

“Is that for real?” he questioned.

“Are you sure about that? 

“Wow. Thank you. That’s a lovely surprise! 

“I had no idea, I hadn’t thought to check my entry. 

“This is certainly the nicest phone call I could imagine receiving on a Monday morning. 

“I’ve been playing for a little while now so it’s great to have a win!” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his prize, the winner said it would enhance his retirement. 

“Perhaps we will do a little bit of travelling, throughout Queensland to begin with and then further abroad when the borders open,” he said. 

“We’re retired so we will really be able to enjoy this throughout our retirement. 

“It will be fantastic!” 

The winning entry was purchased online at thelott.com – Australia’s official lotteries.