A Hoppers Crossing woman has received the most unforgettable birthday gift when she unwrapped a magical $400,000 win from a Super 66 ticket she purchased on a whim.

The Melburnian held the only division one winning entry nationally in Super 66 draw 4477, drawn Saturday 15 June 2024 and looks forward to a total division one prize of $402,715.05.

The winning woman missed multiple phone calls from us after initially mistaking the calls for a scam.

“I feel sick. Oh boy, I feel unwell!” she joyfully cried when she finally realised her good fortune.

“Oh s***! I can’t believe it.

“What a great birthday surprise. My birthday was on Saturday; the day the ticket was drawn. 

“It’s taken me a while to check the ticket. I kept seeing my phone light up on Sunday and on Monday, but I just kept ignoring it because I thought it was a scam caller.

“I saw I had emails and texts from The Lott encouraging me to check my ticket and even my son kept saying, ‘Just answer the bloody phone! Answer it! Answer it!’. I just couldn’t do it. 

“I finally checked the ticket on Monday morning, and I’ve felt unwell ever since.

“I’ve really had to compose myself before calling into The Lott.

“I was so close to not even putting the ticket on. I never purchase tickets into Super 66, but I thought, ‘Ah stuff it! I’ll give it a try.’. I can’t believe it. Now I’ve won $400,000!”

The victorious Victorian struggled to hold back the tears when asked by lottery officials what she planned to do with the prize.

“I’ve been doing it tough, and this will help me out so much,” she shared.

“I’ve got some elderly pets that need treatment at the vet and now I’ll be able to book them all in!

“I’ll also be able to pay off some bills in advance and help out my children.

“Now I’ve got to let it all sink in.”

Her winning 9-game QuickPick was purchased via The Lott app – the official home of Australia’s lotteries.