Super 66 just got a whole lot more super! From this week, the minimum division one prize pool has increased from $16,000 to $66,666, giving you the chance to win more every Saturday.  

The new $66,666 minimum division one prize starts from draw 4333, and as Super 66 is a jackpotting game, the prize will then climb higher until there is a division one winner. 

Once the division one prize is won, the offer will return to the new starting prize of $66,666. 

Super 66 can be played as a stand-alone entry or as an add-on when you buy an entry into Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, Set for Life or Saturday Lotto games and there’s never been a better time to add it to the mix! 

While this new division one prize marks an exciting change for the game, there are no changes to how you purchase, play or win. But if you need a quick refresher or want to be ready for your chance to win this shiny new prize, here’s a quick recap on all things Super 66! 

How to play 

Playing Super 66 couldn’t be easier! You can play a QuickPick in-store or online from as little as $1.10 for a single game. You can also opt for an Advanced or a Multi-week entry which allows you to purchase tickets up to 10 weeks in advance! Click here to find out more. 

Super 66 draws take place every Saturday night so just make sure you grab your entry before 7:30pm AEST!  

How to win  

To win the Super 66 jackpot, your entry needs to match all six winning numbers in a single game panel in the exact same order as the numbers drawn. 

However, you can win a prize by matching just two consecutive winning numbers in the exact order drawn! There are five winning prize divisions in Super 66. The more numbers you match in order, the bigger prize you’ll receive!  

How our Super winners enjoyed their prize 

Our Super 66 winners tell us the many ways they have enjoyed their prize, but these two stories would have to be some of our favourites.   

A young Christies Beach woman took home over $95,000 thanks to her Super 66 win in August 2018. 

With a big boost about to hit her bank account, the winner knew exactly how she wanted to spend her prize. 

“I just bought a Super 66 ticket as I went on looking for the cheapest entry – and it was Super 66! It’s just crazy! I’m speechless about it.” she told us. 

“I desperately need a new car! Mine’s on its last legs.

“This is just brilliant. It’s life-changing.” 

More recently, in April 2022, a Rosanna couple’s dream came true when they discovered their $216,000 Super 66 win.  

“I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was an error at first. My wife came and checked the ticket for me, and we logged in and out of The Lott app so many times.” the winning man said.  

“We’re over the moon! It’s certainly put a spring in our step. 

“We want to be careful with the win. We will put the money into savings until we find a house we love, and then it will be used for a deposit.” 

Don’t forget to grab your entry ahead of tomorrow night’s first increased division one prize pool. Perhaps your winning story is one we could be sharing next! 

You can grab your entry in-store, via The Lott app or online. Happy winning!