A Port Adelaide man has ditched work for the day to spend time with his wife to celebrate his $108,030.45 division one win in the weekend’s Super 66 draw. 

The thrilled winner held the only division one winning entry in Super 66 draw 4069, drawn Saturday 18 July 2020. 

Sharing his excitement with us this afternoon, the happy man recounted the moment he discovered his win. 

“I checked my ticket last night on the app. When I saw the prize I couldn’t believe it!” he exclaimed. 

“You should imagine how my face looked when I saw it. 

“It feels like I haven’t had very good luck lately, but then this win comes along. 

“It still hasn’t sunk in yet! 

“I play Super 66 every week as well as other lottery games. 

“I’ve always said “I’ll play until we make it!” and fortunately, now I’ve made it!”

 When asked how he planned to enjoy his Super 66 windfall, the happy man confessed the money had come at a good time. 

“I think the plan is to pay off the bills first, then put the rest in the bank,” he declared. 

“I’m not going to be spending it that easily. I want to be better off in the future. 

“We haven’t planned anything special to celebrate, but I took today off work, and my wife and I have enjoyed our day together.” 

The regular player, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning entry at Port Plaza Lottery, K8, 200-220 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide. 

Port Plaza Lottery Managing Supervisor said she was in complete shock with excitement when she heard the winning ticket was sold at her outlet. 

“I was so excited when I heard the news! We’ve been celebrating all day!” she exclaimed. 

“Our customers are just as excited as we are! 

“We have only been open for 11 months, and this win marks our first division one prize. We hope it is the first of many! 

“We wish our winner the best of luck and hope it brings a smile to his face.”