A Cherrybrook man believes he’s got the best mother-in-law in the world after he gave her an Instant Scratch-Its ticket for Mother’s Day, only for her to gift it back to him after discovering it won $25,000. 

The top prize winning $2 Cash-a-licious ticket was purchased at Cherrybrook Newsagency, Shop 43 Cherrybrook Village, Cherrybrook. 

This morning we spoke to the man, who relayed how he came to hold the top prize winning ticket. 

“It was actually a gift we got for my mother-in-law,” he explained. 

“We bought it for her for Mother’s Day and she scratched it straight away. 

“She was so shocked when she realised it won $25,000. 

“I was stunned silent. My wife was dumfounded! There were so many emotions. 

“Honestly, I had to look at it a million times. I thought I was dreaming!” 

But it was what his mother-in-law did next, which overwhelmed the Sydney man.

“She said the prize was too much for her and gave it back to us,” he shared. 

“All she wants is a heater because she gets so cold. She wants us to have the rest of it. 

“Once the money is in our account, we are going to have a nice dinner all together to celebrate. 

“I don’t know what we will do with it. I think we will keep it in the bank for now and take some time to decide what to do with it.” 

Cherrybrook Newsagency owner Dale Richards said he couldn’t be happier for his winning customer. 

“What brilliant news!” he said. 

“I am over the moon! 

“We will definitely be sharing this wonderful news with all of our customers. 

“It’s even better to know it was a Mother’s Day win! What a wonderful surprise that would’ve been. 

“We wish our winners all the very best and hope they enjoy their prize.”