A Kingswood man was happily surprised today to discover what he thought was a $750 win on his Instant Scratch-Its ticket was actually a $100,000 windfall. 

The top prize winning $5 Crosswords Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Kingswood Newsagency, Shop 2, 208 Great Western Highway, Kingswood. 

This afternoon, we spoke with the New South Wales man, who was still struggling to come to terms with his exciting win. 

“I buy Instant Scratch-Its Crosswords tickets as a little treat every now and again,” he explained. 

“They’re the only ones I buy because I love crossword games. 

“I was half asleep when I scratched it. 

“I originally thought I had eight words and so I went down the newsagency and they told me they couldn’t pay it out. 

“So then I thought I had nine words and I went to the Lott head office and that’s when I found out I had all ten words. 

“I was gobsmacked, absolutely gobsmacked! 

“It’s just not something you think will actually happen. 

“I am going to have a celebratory dinner with my family tonight.” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his instant windfall, the stoked bloke said he couldn’t wait to buy his very first home. 

“I am going to use my prize to pay off some bills and then I will put a deposit down on a home! My first home actually, so that’s exciting,” he shared. 

“I haven’t even been looking to buy, so it will be nice to start seeing what is out there.”

Kingswood Newsagency team member Prem Patel said the outlet was thrilled to have made one of their customers $100,000 richer. 

“It is very exciting,” he said. 

“Our customers love the Crosswords tickets. 

“We are excited to share this news with our customers and let them know a local has won. 

“We wish our winner all the very best and hope he enjoys his prize.”