An Altona mum couldn’t contain her disbelief after she scratched one of the top prizes of $50,000 on a $4 Lucky Star Bingo Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Circle News & Lotto, 63 The Circle, Altona East. 

When speaking with us this afternoon to claim her prize, the elated woman confessed it had taken her a while to believe her win was real. 

“Thank you so much,” she said while laughing. 

“I had to triple check the ticket! I couldn’t really believe it! 

“I just kept thinking ‘is this real?’ because obviously I wasn’t 100% sure. 

“I was extremely shocked, very overwhelmed! 

“I showed my husband straight after I scratched it to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.” 

The Altona mum shared she kept her winning ticket hidden in a drawer, so her children wouldn’t get a hold of it and lose it.

“I kept it in a drawer, far away from the kids! I didn’t want them getting their hands on it,” she said. 

“As soon as I could, I took it straight into the head office. Once the win was confirmed, I was so excited that I was right!” 

When we asked how she planned to spend her instant windfall, the ecstatic woman declared she would share it with those who meant the most to her.  

“It’s come at the perfect time,” she admitted. 

“I need a bit of time to think about how I will enjoy it but I’m sure I will share the love with my family. 

“I might also do a little bit of shopping for me!” 

Circle News & Lotto owner Mick Abdou said he was thrilled to discover his store had sold a winning top prize Instant Scratch-Its ticket.  

“We are very excited for our customer,” he exclaimed. 

“We’ve actually sold a few big prizes lately! 

“We seem to have regular winners with the scratchies. Our store certainly has luck on its side with those Instant Scratch-its. 

“I hope the customer comes in so I can congratulate her in person and hopefully we can make some more of our customers’ winners soon.”