An Ashgrove woman’s daily routine of scratching an Instant Scratch-Its ticket with her morning coffee has led her to an unforgettable $150,000 top prize.

The top prize winning $10 Jumbo Crosswords ticket was purchased at Stewart Road News, Shop 6, Ashgrove Shopping Village, 17 Stewart Road, Ashgrove.

Sharing her excitement with us this morning, the jubilant Queenslander recounted the moment she discovered her instant windfall.

“It’s become a little thing since the pandemic first started. It’s my excuse for a daily outing!” she explained.

“Most mornings, I’ll head down to the local newsagency and purchase a Jumbo Crosswords Instant Scratch-Its ticket to enjoy with my morning coffee.

“A few days ago, I was on my back stairs, and I scratched one.

“Initially, I thought I’d won $1,000, but then I looked closely again. I couldn’t tell if it was $15,000 or $150,000!

“I was stoked, but I had to confirm the prize at The Lott head office before I got too excited.

“My best friend and I went into the head office this morning, and they confirmed it was $150,000!

“It still hasn’t sunk in. I’m in absolute awe!”

When asked how she planned to enjoy her instant win, the Brisbane winner had no hesitation revealing her plans for the prize.

“I’ve always wanted to buy a boat, but I’m in no rush! I’ll probably save the money in the bank for a while and then do something special with the prize eventually,” she shared.

“I’ll have the family come around on the weekend, and we will celebrate with a lovely dinner.”

Stewart Road News owner Bella Dau said she was ecstatic to have sold a top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket to their regular customer.

“We’re so happy for the customer and the Ashgrove community. It’s a memorable moment!” she said.

“The winner came in to check the Instant Scratch-Its ticket to make sure she had won a top prize, and we were so excited!

“We sold an Instant Scratch-Its top prize this time last year, so maybe May is a favourable month!

“Congratulations to our winner and we wish you all the best. Thank you for continuously supporting Stewart Road News.”