A Bracken Ridge mum says her $100,000 Instant Scratch-Its win couldn’t have arrived at a better time, with an overdue holiday at the very top of her wish list. 

The top prize winning $5 Crosswords ticket was purchased at Supanews Bracken Ridge, Shop 18, Bracken Ridge Plaza, 250 Telegraph Road, Bracken Ridge.

Confirming her win with us this morning, the woman said she was still shaking with excitement. 

“Isn’t it amazing?” she gushed. 

“Thank you so much. 

“It’s lovely! 

“I bought myself three tickets and one of them was the winner! I still cannot believe it. 

“When I scratched the ticket I realised pretty quickly that I must have won something but certainly didn’t think it could be $100,000! 

“I thought I had eight words and then I double-checked and realised I had 10! 

“It was an incredible feeling.” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her $100,000 prize, the winner didn’t hesitate to reveal her plans. 

“It couldn’t have come at a better time,” she said. 

“My husband has just finished work and retired. 

“It’s been a bit of a tough year for us so we will use the prize to go on a much needed holiday. 

“We’re also going to pay off a chunk of the mortgage and get some renos done around the house.” 

Supanews Bracken Ridge owner Jieyan Sun said he was thrilled to sell another top prize winning ticket. 

“She was so happy when she came in and checked her ticket,” he explained. 

“It was lovely to see the excitement on her face. 

“We’ve sold quite a few top prizes over the years, and it’s always heart-warming to see them go to our local and regular customers. 

“Congratulations to her!”