A Capalaba couple confessed they shed a tear and used a magnifying glass to double-check their Instant Scratch-Its ticket after discovering they’d won a $10,000 top prize.

The top prize-winning $1 Raining Money Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Mount Cotton Road News, 159 Mount Cotton Road, Capalaba.
Speaking with us this morning, the joyful couple shared that they were over the moon after realising their win.
“It’s been so good, what a surprise!” the winning couple said.
“My partner scratched one Instant Scratch-It and told me that it wasn’t a winner. But I always take our tickets to our local outlet to be checked - just in case.
“I went in store and the team member told me we had won a free ticket.
“I took the ticket home to my partner, and he scratched away.

“Once he finished scratching, he checked it with his magnifying glass and started crying.

“We couldn’t believe it – it was huge a shock.
“We had to tell the kids immediately. They were in shock too when I told them we scratched off $10,000!
“One of my kids knew right away to ask how my partner was and if he was crying.
“I ducked up to the outlet yesterday and had a lovely chat with the team. They showed me their other top prize-winning Instant Scratch-Its achievements!
“We’re not big celebrators but we may go out to a nice lunch!
“It’s been such a lovely surprise. Thank you.”
Mount Cotton Road News, owner Lyle Reilly said this is the third top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket his outlet had sold.
“My daughter sold her the winning ticket this time! Now my wife, daughter and I have all sold winning Instant Scratch-Its tickets!” he exclaimed.
“My daughter said that when she checked the winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket she was shaking – that’s how shocked and excited she was!
“This is our third top prize-winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket and it’s really special that we’ve all sold a winning ticket now.
“We are so excited that locals who continue to support us could receive a winning ticket from us.
“Congratulations, we wish them all the best. We know this couple will benefit greatly from this prize.”