A Townsville mum is planning some home renovations and a dream sandpit for her children after scratching a $10,000 prize on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket she received from a Cloncurry family member for Christmas.

The top prize-winning $1 Spring Winnings Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Chaplain’s Newsagency, 23 Ramsay Street, Cloncurry.

“It came in a Christmas card from a family member in Cloncurry,” the winning North Queenslander explained.

“We often give each other Instant Scratch-Its tickets, but this was the last thing we expected!

“It was Christmas Day, and I was waiting for lunch to cook in the oven when I scratched it.

“It was a bit surreal! No other present quite compared to this!

“We even asked the person who gave it to us if they wanted a ‘finder’s fee’, but they were happy to see us win.

“We want to build a sandpit for our toddler and do some home renovations. This will be a huge help.”