A Woodford man confessed an attempt to escape the winter cold lead to his $25,000 Instant Scratch-Its win. 

The player from the Moreton Bay region scored one of the top prizes on a $2 Instant Scratch-Its ticket that he purchased from Clews Newsagency, 99 Archer Street, Woodford. 

Confirming the exciting news with us this morning, the overjoyed winner relayed how the excitement unfolded. 

“I had gone shopping and bought a few things, and I had $2 leftover,” he explained. 

“So I decided to use that change to buy a scratchie. 

“It was so cold, so I went outside and sat in the sun and scratched the ticket. 

“That’s when I realised I won! I couldn’t believe it. 

“I had to go straight back to the newsagency to check. 

“When they told me it was true, I was gobsmacked! It was surreal! 

“I still don’t really know how to feel!” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his prize, the elated man said he wanted to put it to good use.

“I am trying to decide what to do with my prize. I think I will put it in the bank for a while until I can think of something I really want or need,” he shared. 

“When the weather warms up, I would like to take a few days to enjoy the heat and go to the beach.

“I might do some celebrating with my family this weekend too.” 

Clews Newsagency owner Andrew Clews said he was ecstatic for his regular and local customer. 

“We are thrilled!” he said. 

“It has been a while since we sold a major prize, so it’s fabulous news. 

“The winner is a regular, so we couldn’t be happier for him. 

“Hopefully he enjoys his prize and can do something nice to celebrate.

“Fingers crossed we are on a lucky streak, and we have some more major prize wins.”