A Ferny Grove man no longer needs to wonder if anyone ever scores the top prizes on Instant Scratch-Its tickets after being blown away by a $200,000 win.

His top prize winning $15 Crosswords Book was purchased at HealthSave Ferny Grove Family Chemist, Shop 10, 47 McGinn Road, Ferny Grove.

 “It’s unbelievable. Just amazing!” the gleeful man declared when we confirmed his windfall.

“I’ve always wondered if people actually win the top prizes on Instant Scratch-Its tickets, and now I know for myself that they do!

“I bought 10 Instant Scratch-Its tickets as a little treat for myself. I scratched them slowly, one by one at home - then, bang!

“I didn’t actually realise I’d won the top prize. I thought it was a lower prize at first.

“I slept on the win for two whole days. I put it away for safekeeping until I could visit the head office on Monday.

“I’m excited to help a lot of people. I’ve been doing it for nearly three decades through my work, and I’ll continue to do so.

“I’ll also have everything paid off for the first time in my entire life!

“It’s a fantastic feeling!”

The HealthSave Ferny Grove Family Chemist team are thrilled to have sold a top prize winning entry to a local customer and wish them all the best with their prize.