A $100,000 Instant Scratch-Its prize suddenly has a Gosford woman dreaming about a future overseas adventure. 

Her top prize winning $5 Casino Rush ticket was purchased at Wyoming Newsagency, Shop 6, Wyoming Shopping Village, Wyoming. 

Sharing her excitement with us this morning, the Central Coast woman said she was still struggling to believe her good fortune. 

“I was out doing my grocery shopping last week and I rushed into the newsagents for something and the ticket caught my eye, so I thought I’d grab one,” she explained. 

“When I got home, I scratched it straight away. 

“I was absolutely amazed.   

“I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I checked it over and over again.

“I was just looking at it for about five minutes. 

“It’s just so much money. It’s very exciting!” 

With $100,000 about to hit her bank account, the New South Wales player said she’d be heading to Europe as soon as she can. 

“I haven’t made any firm plans, but I will certainly be travelling as soon as I can.  I’d love to go to Europe, to Paris and Rome. 

“It will be absolutely amazing. I still can’t believe it!”