With one of our favourite days for Instant Scratch-Its – Father’s Day — just around the corner, we’ve been busy crunching the numbers and are excited to reveal exactly where the top prizes were scratched last financial year!  

Between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2020, there were 151 Instant Scratch-Its top prize winners. Collectively, this happy bunch took home $11.8 million.  

New South Wales saw the most top prize wins of any state last financial year, with a whopping 52 top prizes totaling $3.4 million!  

While New South Wales had the most major prize wins, Queenslanders received the most prize money, with over $3.5 million paid to Sunshine State customers.   

But if you want to be specific, we can also tell you the top prize winning postcodes. In New South Wales, Marrickville sold a total of four top prizes. Also selling four top prizes was Calliope and Gladstone in Central Queensland. 

Looking further south, Warrnambool in Victoria, Tasmania’s Glenorchy, and Plympton in South Australia each sold two top prizes.  

It’s pretty incredible that across the all prize levels of Instant Scratch-Its games there were more than 29.1 million winning moments, with players pocketing more than $235 million in prize money! 

With Instant Scratch-Its tickets sneaking into Father’s Day cards across the country this week, we are hopeful to speak with some new top prize winners soon.