A Logan mum has rolled the dice to win $100,000 after scratching one of the top prizes on a $5 Monopoly Instant Scratch-Its ticket.
The $100,000 winning $5 Monopoly ticket was purchased from Waterford Plaza News, Shop 21, Waterford Plaza, Waterford.

Confirming her win with us today, the winner said she’d had the best Mother’s Day he could possibly imagine. 

“My daughter bought the scratchie for me for Mother’s Day,” she explained. 

“I didn’t actually scratch it on Mother’s Day but when I did scratch it a couple of days later I really didn’t think I’d won anything.

“But when I took it into the newsagency they told me that I better head into the Golden Casket office.

“I was numb when they said I’d won $100,000. I didn’t believe it was true!

“It was the best Mother’s Day present I’ve ever received, that’s for sure!

“It was a really, really big surprise!”

The generous mum told us she was still dreaming about the endless ways she could use her instant windfall, but it wouldn’t be at a hotel on Mayfair. 

“I’ve had a few days to let the news sink in but I still don’t really know just yet!” she laughed.

“I’m going overseas soon so it will certainly come in handy for my holiday. 

“Maybe I’ll share a little with the daughter who gave it to me!

“It will certainly be a Mother’s Day I’ll never forget.”

Waterford Plaza News owner Fanny Christian said she was thrilled for her winner. 

“We’re so excited to hear we’ve sold this winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket and have really changed her life!” she exclaimed. 

“We’ve sold a few top prize winning tickets at our outlet over the years and it’s always such a thrill!

“We wish our customer all the best!”