When a Newcomb mum bought an Instant Scratch-Its ticket this week, she had an inkling she would win the top prize… and she was correct, walking away with $50,000.

The top prize winning $4 Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Bellarine Village Lotto, Shop 12, Bellarine Village, Bellarine Highway, Newcomb.

Speaking with us this afternoon, the Geelong woman explained she was still trying to comprehend her win.

“For the past few years, I’ve always bought myself an Instant Scratch-Its ticket once a week when I do my grocery shopping,” she explained.

“When I bought this ticket, I said to my mum, ‘This one’s going to win the top prize! I can feel it’. My mum just laughed it off.

“But then I scratched this ticket, and I realised I did win the top prize. I started shaking! I was completely freaking out. It was insane!

“I kept looking at the ticket, and then I jumped straight in the car and headed back down to the shop to get them to check it. I said to them, ‘Now, I don’t want to be silly, but I think I’ve won a big prize!’.

“Once they realised that I’d won, everyone started cheering and giving me high fives. It was lovely!

“I went and got a nice bottle of wine after that and went home and broke the news to my husband. He thought it was crazy! We were so excited.

“I’m just so stoked. This ticket was only $4, but now I’m $50,000 richer! It’s so surreal.

“I’m going to take my family to Queensland. We’d love to visit some of the theme parks and the beautiful beaches.

“My vacuum broke this week too, so I’m going to upgrade and get a Dyson. I’ll take myself on a little shopping spree while I’m at it!”

Bellarine Village Lotto owner Ben Kelberg said it was exciting news for their community.

“We are ecstatic to see this prize won locally. It’s great news for us and the community,” he said.

“The winner came in here to check her ticket. It was amazing to be able to congratulate her in person. She was so happy, and we were just as happy for her.

“We were so excited to be part of her winning journey.

“We’ve had 12 major prize wins in eight years, so we feel pretty lucky. Hopefully, we can deliver more wins to our customers in future.”