Father’s Day is just around the corner and there’s a million ways to spoil dad this year!  

If you’re vying to gift dad more than just socks and jocks this Father’s Day, the Instant Scratch-Its top prize postcodes from the past 12 months have been unwrapped ahead of the special day. 

We’ve scratched away at the data and can exclusively reveal the postcodes and states where the most top prize wins have landed.  

Between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022, there were 139 Instant Scratch-Its top prize winners across Australia (excluding WA) who collectively took home more than $14.51 million in prize money.  

During this same time, Instant Scratch-Its players enjoyed more than 28.7 million wins across all prize tiers worth more than $261 million. That means over half a million winners every week! 

State / Territory Number of top prizes won Total value of top prizes
Queensland  52 $5,938,065.00
New South Wales
43  $4,729,022.00
Victoria 26 $2,935,063.00 
South Australia 9 $700,000.00
Tasmania  7 $203,000.00
The Australian Capital Territory $12,022.00
Total 139 $14,517,172.00 

While the Sunshine State came out on top for Instant Scratch-Its top prize wins, digging deeper we can see the pockets of wins that occurred across the country.  

Some Instant Scratch-Its enthusiasts tell us they flock to areas that have a track record of wins in the hope they might also land a top prize. Others see if they can make their mark elsewhere. Whether last year’s winning areas will sustain their reputations will be revealed in the months to come! 

Postcode  Suburb  State / Territory  Number of top prizes  Total of top prizes 
4740  Mackay/Mackay West  Queensland  $94,999.00 
2232  Sutherland/Kirrawee  New South Wales  $325,000.00 
4509  North Lakes  Queensland  $720,000.00 
4218  Mermaid Waters  Queensland  $360,000.00 
2170  Casula/Moorebank  New South Wales  $260,000.00 
4310  Boonah*  Queensland  $250,000.00 
4870  Cairns  Queensland  $210,000.00 
St Helena/Greensborough 

3028  Altona Meadows/Laverton  Victoria  $152,022.00 
4500  Bray Park/Strathpine Queensland  $125,000.00 
2250  Erina/Wyoming  New South Wales  $110,000.00 
4207  Holmview/Mount Warren Park  Queensland  $110,000.00 
7250  Ravenswood/Launceston  Tasmania  $110,000.00 
5290  Mount Gambier  South Australia  $35,000.00 
4305  North Ipswich/Brassall  Queensland  $27,022.00 
2601  Canberra  The Australian Capital Territory  $12,022.00 

With Father’s Day being one of the busiest times of the year for Instant Scratch-Its scratching, there could be a rush of top prize winners this weekend!  

And just in time for this special occasion, the new $5 Cash King ticket could be just the thing to put dad on the winning map.  

There are $6,000,000* in total prizes to be won on this ticket, including the two incredible top prizes of $100,0000*. 

Just remember, no matter where an Instant Scratch-Its ticket is bought, a top prize win can land anywhere at any time!  

Imagine how exciting it would be to surprise and delight dad with a top prize-winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket this Father’s Day.  We’re sure it would allow him to scratch some things off his wish list! 

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*The highest amount that can be won on the $5 Cash King ticket is $100,000.