A young Tamworth mum is thanking her decision to choose an Instant Scratch-Its ticket in a similar colour to her birthstone after it delivered a shiny $250,000 windfall.

The top prize-winning $10 Triple Match Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at CTC South Tamworth, Shop 3, Southgate Shopping Centre, 4-10 Kathleen Street, South Tamworth.

 Confirming her incredible windfall with us, the elated New South Wales woman declared her instant win signalled the end to her string of ‘bad luck’.

‘Oh my god. It’s unbelievable!” she cheered.

“We’re a young family and we’ve done it pretty tough in the past year. Honestly, it’s come at the most perfect time!

“I usually treat myself to $10 worth of Instant Scratch-Its tickets, but I decided to splurge and buy two of the $10 Triple Match Instant Scratch-Its tickets.

“I picked this particular ticket because it’s the colour of my birthstone – shiny and emerald green!

“When I came back from purchasing the Instant Scratch-Its tickets and some milk, I sat down at the dining table and started to scratch both tickets.

“The first one had won $50, and I thought that was pretty amazing, and then I scratched the second. Every number kept popping up, one by one. I couldn’t believe it!

“It wasn’t until I went to claim the ticket at The Lott head office with my best friend that they told me I’d won $250,000 – a quarter of a million dollars! I had no idea I’d won that much.

“I looked at my best friend and we both said to each other, ‘It’s real! It’s real!’.

“All my friends and family are super happy for me. We’re going to host a mad barbeque.”

When asked how she planned to enjoy her bounty, the cheerful woman already had a couple of ideas in mind.

“We will look to buy a new car because we’re in desperate need of a new one!” she said.

“We will also invest in some solar panels for the house so we can save money on our electricity bill.

“We want this to go a long way!

“This is truly life-changing.”

The CTC South Tamworth team couldn’t be happier for their local winner and wished her all the best with her prize.