A Bateau Bay woman has had a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget after scratching one of the top prizes of $25,000 on a $2 Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 

The top prize winning $2 Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Nextra Bateau Bay, Shop 52-59 Bateau Bay Square, 12 Bay Village Road, Bateau Bay. 

Sharing her joy with us yesterday afternoon, the happy mother explained how she came to hold a winning ticket. 

“It was actually a gift from my son for Mother’s Day,” she explained. 

“We usually buy each other scratchies for birthdays or Christmas. 

“It was a lovely surprise when I checked my tickets last week and realised I had a winner! 

“It caused just a little bit of excitement!” 

The generous woman revealed she would be selfless and planned to share her windfall with loved ones and good causes. 

“There are a couple of charities close to my heart that I would like to give to,” she admitted. 

“I also want to share it with my son who gave me the ticket. I think we’ll go halves!” 

Nextra Bateau Bay owner Kyle Gribble said he was thrilled to hear his outlet had sold their first major prize.

“We’ve only been open twelve months so it’s exciting to have sold a major prize so soon!” he exclaimed. 

“Without a doubt we will be telling all of our customers about our win! 

“We wish our winner all the best with her prize!”