After jackpotting for five weeks Oz Lotto is offering a massive $40 million in this week’s draw. 

There’s no doubt that a prize of this size would be completely life changing. What would you do with $40 million?

We’re so excited to see if any Aussies will be taking out this $40 million jackpot that we’ve started seeing the number 40 everywhere. Forget 20-20 vision, we’ve got 40-40 vision! 

Turns out this number shows up in some unexpected places and has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies. Here’s some fun facts about the number 40 to get you in the spirit for Oz Lotto’s massive $40 million draw. 

Number of the day
We know $40 million is a pretty massive number, but did you know that 40 is the highest number counted to on one of your favourite childhood shows Sesame Street. Since the show first aired in 1969, the colourful Muppets have been teaching generations of kids to count but have never had a number larger than 40 sponsor an episode. Of course, you’ll need to be able to count a bit higher if you take out Oz Lotto’s division one prize of $40 million. 

The 40-hour work week
Do you work a 40-hour work week? Eight hours a day, five days a week has been the normal working time in Australia since the 1920s. For anyone looking to cut down on those hours, a division one win might be the way to do it! 

Ice cold
When it comes to measuring temperature, the Celsius scale makes it pretty easy. We know water freezes at 0 degrees, boils at 100, and if the Weather Man forecasts a 30-degree day we’re in for a scorcher. A few countries however, measure temperature using Fahrenheit— a much more perplexing system that wants us to preheat our ovens to 350 degrees and rug up when the mercury drops below 60.  But there’s one temperature where the two systems align. Turns out a brisk -40 degrees Celsius is the exact same temperature as -40 degrees Fahrenheit! An interesting fact for anyone living in a sub-zero climate, but we still think nothing would be cooler than walking away with $40 million this Tuesday night. 

40 for $40 million
Perhaps the reason we’re seeing 40 everywhere has something to do with 40 being one of Oz Lotto’s hot numbers! While Oz Lotto is a random game of chance and each number has an equal chance of being drawn, there are some numbers we see more frequently than others. The number 40 has been a winning number in 159 draws since October 2005. It shares the title of the second most frequently drawn number with numbers 7 and 25, while the most frequently drawn number is 33 (drawn 163 times). 

Will you be seeing 40 in this week’s draw? Perhaps the number 40 will gain new significance for you if you’re to take out that massive $40 million jackpot prize. 

Make sure to grab forty winks before the draw takes place— our previous Oz Lotto division one winners have told us they were too excited to sleep once they found out the life-changing news!

The draw closes 7:30pm August 6, 2019. Get your tickets instore, online and via the Lott App today.