A Kyneton mum is eyeing off a new set of wheels after today discovering an Instant Scratch-Its ticket she was given as a gift had yielded her one of the top prize of $25,000. 

The winning $2 Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased from Lansell Lucky Lotto, Kiosk K6 Lansell Square, Kangaroo Flat.

When we spoke with her this morning to confirm her prize, the happy woman explained how she came to hold the winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 

“I got my ticket as a gift from my mother-in-law,” she explained.

“I got three tickets and I’d scratched the first two and I won $5 on those, and then I scratched the winning ticket and I just thought ‘no way, that can’t be right’.

“We were in shock, as you can imagine! We thought there must be a catch to it. These types of things don’t happen to me. 

“I just kept thinking I hadn’t scratched it right or read the instructions wrong.

“The next day I went into the newsagency and they couldn’t tell me how much I won, just that they couldn’t pay it out. That’s when I started to think it might actually be real. 

“It was amazing once it was confirmed. I thought ‘this is actually happening, I actually won!’.

“My mother-in-law was ecstatic for us. She’s always buys tickets for us, so she was glad someone in the family won something big.

“It is a beautiful thing to happen to me. It’s not every day you win $25,000!  

“I never thought I would win, so it is a nice surprise.”

When we asked how she’s going to use her prize, the Victorian mum declared she was going to purchase a new car. 

“I am going to get a new car, I’m not sure what type yet. It’s very exciting,” she said happily. 

“I am going to celebrate this weekend. I might go out to dinner to my local.” 

Lansell Lucky Lotto co-owner Yomi Shah said he was thrilled to discover one of his customers had become $25,000 richer.

“We are really excited about it! Congratulations to them,” he said.

“This is great news for both us and for them! It is fabulous. 

“We have sold a few division one winning tickets in the past, but this the first top prize winning ticket we have sold since we took over three years ago.

 “We are feeling lucky now, so hopefully we sell some more big winning prizes soon.  

“We will be celebrating in store and I can’t wait to share the news with all of my customers.  

“We have so many regular customer and they will be so excited when they hear.”