Cleaning around the home has never been more rewarding with a Blackwood man unearthing a pile of lottery tickets – with one of those tickets yielding a $1 million X Lotto prize. 

In December alone, there have been four division one wins in South Australia collectively worth more than $13.21 million. 

The latest winner held one of the two division one winning entries nationally in Monday and Wednesday X Lotto draw 4139, drawn 15 December 2021. He takes home a $1 million prize. 

“I only found out yesterday afternoon,” he explained when speaking to us this morning. 

“We’d been doing some cleaning around the house, preparing for the festive season, and I had all of this paperwork piled up, and in that mess were a few lottery tickets. 

“I thought I’d already checked them, so I was going to throw them out, but then I decided I’d check them again, just to be safe. 

“Boy, am I glad I didn’t throw that ticket out! It was the last ticket I checked. 

“When I saw the $1 million win pop up, I didn’t believe it. I thought, ‘Nah, that can’t be right’. 

“So I scanned it again, and the win came up again. Then I checked it again and again, and it still kept coming up! 

“My wife was out grocery shopping, so I called her straight away with the news. She lost the plot! She was crying, cheering and screaming. It was awesome. 

“We went out for dinner and got some tomahawk steaks and had some drinks to celebrate.” 

The winning South Australian said he already had a few ideas for his million-dollar prize. 

“We’ll pay off the mortgage and look after our kids,” he shared. 

“There’ll be some investments, and the rest we will save for our future retirement. 

“I can’t believe I’m ending the year as a millionaire.” 

The winning entry was purchased at OTR Glandore, 134 - 136A Anzac Highway, Glandore. OTR Glandore’s Khalil Shahin said the team was happily celebrating the momentous win. 

“What an incredible win for our customer! It’s always great hearing these winning stories, and now we have another one to share,” she said. 

“AT OTR, we’re thrilled for our customer, and we hope to have more major lottery winners. 

“Congratulations to them!”