More than three days after the draw, a Cleve woman has come forward to claim her million-dollar Monday & Wednesday X Lotto win and has been left shellshocked by the revelation.

The Central Eyre Peninsula resident held one of the three division one winning entries in Monday & Wednesday X Lotto draw 4224, drawn Monday 3 October 2022 and takes home $1 million.

The South Australian woman was walking around with the division one winning entry, completely oblivious to becoming a newly minted millionaire and said it was a pleasant shock to discover her windfall.

“Wow, this such a shock,” she cheered.

“I’m still trying to get my head around it all.

“I’ve been playing for many years and years.

“It’s exciting to see a win this big land my way.

“I seriously can’t think right now!

“So many emotions are going through my head.”

When asked how she anticipated to enjoy her life-changing windfall, she couldn’t fathom such an enormous prize coming her way and was too mind-boggled to reveal any concrete plans.

“I’m not entirely sure what I’ll spend the prize on, but I know it’s going to do some much good,” she revealed.

“It’s too much to process.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Cleve Hardware Pty Ltd, 24 Fourth Street, Cleve.

Cleve Hardware Pty Ltd owner Kelly Richardson said the win has been the talk of the town.

“We’re over the moon to have sold the division one winning entry and couldn’t be happier to see the win go to a local customer,” she said.

“Our customers have been really interested in the division one win – it’s truly on everyone’s lips!

“The last time we sold a division one winning entry was five years ago. It’s amazing to see another win from our retailer, and we can’t wait to sell many more.

“Congratulations to the local woman who has taken home such a phenomenal win. Thank you for supporting us.”