A Dapto woman has confessed she screamed with delight after realising she’d won $1 million in last night’s Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw but nearly passed out when her husband admitted he’d purchased the same entry twice, delivering them another $1 million.

The Wollongong couple held the only two division one winning entries nationally in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 4268 on Monday 13 March 2023 and took home a total of $2 million after each entry scored $1 million.

“It’s actually a funny story as to why we ended up with the same entry twice,” the happy husband laughed when we called to confirm the double division one win.

“I forgot to put my wife’s numbers on last week, and she wasn’t too happy with me. So, this week I thought I’d put them on twice to make up for it.

“Lo and behold, this morning she kept crossing off number after number on her ticket, and once we realised we’d won $1 million on one ticket, I thought I should probably tell her about the second identical ticket too.

“My wife has played these numbers for almost three decades and has always said they’d be drawn one day.

“I can’t believe this has happened to us.”

When asked how they planned to celebrate the incredible win, the bewildered wife said she couldn’t wait to share the prize with her nearest and dearest.

“It won’t take much to make us happy,” she said.

“My mind is racing with all the things I can do for my family!” she said.

“I can buy my daughter a house. I can set up the children and grandchildren for the future.

“It’s going to change so many lives.

“Once we’ve done that, then we can enjoy whatever is left.

“I’d love to travel around Australia and see all the parts of our country I haven’t seen.

“I’m blown away. This is incredible!”

The couple’s winning entries were purchased at Dapto Newsagency, 17 Bong Bong Road, Dapto, and newsXpress Dapto, Shop G106 Dapto Mall, Princes Highway & Moombara Street, Dapto.