A Kallangur woman was overjoyed to hear someone in her local area had scored $1 million in Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto, only to learn the division one winner was none other than herself.

The Moreton Bay local resident held one of the two division one winning entries in Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto, draw 4367, drawn Wednesday 21 February 2024.

The winning woman took a little longer to discover her newly minted millionaire status after missing multiple calls from us earlier in the week.

“I’m in shock!” she expressed.

“I normally watch TV on Wednesday night and the lottery draw comes up on Channel 7, but I missed watching it that night, so I didn’t know I had won until I went into the newsagency.

“I had my phone on silent all of Thursday and had missed multiple calls from someone who I now presume was The Lott.

“I went into the local newsagency, and I gave the ticket to the team member. I said to her, ‘I heard a lucky bastard won $1 million. Good luck to them!’.
“The next thing I knew, she pulled me aside and she said, ‘Lovey, I think you might be the person who won!’.

“My heart immediately started to race. I said to her, ‘What do you mean?’ What are you serious?’.

“Then I asked her to give me the winning numbers. I’ve been playing the same numbers on my ticket for 30 years straight. I know the numbers off by heart.

“We still can’t believe it. I’ve only told my husband, daughter, and son-in-law. I jokingly said to them not to tell anyone, or they won’t be getting any of it!

“Thank you so much.”

After dreaming about receiving a winning phone call for more than three decades, the north Brisbane grandmother revealed the prize would help with future retirement plans.

“I spoke to my husband yesterday and we were talking about putting the money towards our retirement. I just said to him, ‘let me talk to a financial advisor and the bank first’,” she said.

“We would really like to maximise the prize to its full potential and will need to receive advice about it.

“I’d love to buy myself a brand-new car as well. I wasn’t going to buy a new car for five years but now that we’ve won this prize, it will be in reach!

“We can’t wait to go out for lunch today to celebrate and we will bring along the kids and grandkids.”

Her winning System 7 entry was purchased at Kallangur Fair News, Shop 1 & 2 Kallangur Fair Shopping Centre, 1473 Anzac Avenue, Kallangur.

Kallangur Fair News owner Rajinder Kaur said she immediately felt a wave of shock when she first discovered her outlet had sold a division one winning entry worth $1 million.

“I couldn’t believe it! I asked my husband to read if the winning news was true and he confirmed it was. We started to celebrate almost immediately,” she said.

“It’s pure happiness and excitement. We sold a division one winning entry just five months ago and now we’ve had another one!

“It’s a fantastic feeling helping our customers and we couldn’t be happier to hear it went to a local and regular customer who has always supported us.

“Congratulations to the winning woman and we hope all of her dreams come true!”