A Saratoga couple has already begun making travel plans for their million-dollar Monday & Wednesday Lotto win, with a first-class overseas flight at the top of the list.

The couple held one of the three division one winning entries nationally in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 4184 on Monday 23 May 2022. Each division one winning entry took home $1 million.

The winning duo was oblivious to their good fortune until they checked their tickets over a morning coffee.

“No way! Oh god! Wow!” the happy husband exclaimed.

“We’re having a coffee, but we might need to upgrade to something else.

“I’ve been playing the same numbers for more than 40 years. I don’t even remember why I picked those numbers. It was so long ago.”

“I always have a whinge and say he shouldn’t keep playing each week. He’d always say he was going to win one day. I’d say, ‘Yeah, right. Pigs might fly’.  Well, I guess today’s the day!,” his wife added.

While still coming to terms with the shock of their million-dollar windfall, the couple shared some plans were already starting to form.

“We’ll definitely share some with our children and grandchildren. I’m sure they’ll benefit somehow,” the wife said.

“She wants to fly first class somewhere. She wants to try one of those beds,” her husband added.

Their winning marked System 7 entry was purchased at Saratoga Newsagency, Shop 5, Saratoga Shopping Village, 10 Village Road, Saratoga.

Saratoga Newsagency owner Ben Cordery said the division one win had been the talk of the town.

“It’s great! That was the first division one winning entry we’ve had here at this store. We’ve sold some big prizes, which have been exciting, but nothing like that,” he said.

“The winners are locals and they’re lovely. I couldn’t be happier for them.

“This win has also been great for our outlet and community. It’s been the talk of the town.

“We’re on a winning roll and ready for the next one!”