A Wynnum West husband excitedly woke his wife this morning with the revelation they were now millionaires from last night’s Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto draw. 

The Brisbane couple held one of the two division one winning entries across Australia in Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto draw 4000, drawn Monday 17 August 2020, and take home a division one prize of $1 million. 

When we rang the couple this morning, the happy husband, suspecting a big win was about to be revealed, quickly woke his wife so she could hear the announcement. 

“I’m awake now!” the wife declared after their million-dollar prize was revealed. 

“I’m shaking!” the man added. 

“You’re kidding! I don’t know what to do! 

“I just buy a ticket every now and then. This was a QuickPick. I just thought I’d take a stab in the dark. I’m glad I did! 

“I always said if I won a million, we’d go travelling to Europe and the USA.I’ve always wanted to go to London and New York. We can’t do that at the moment as we need to stay home and can’t even leave Queensland, but when we can, we’ll be off. 

“In the meantime, we’ll find something to do with a million dollars,” the man laughed. 

“This unbelievable. This doesn’t happen to me every day, you know. 

“I’ll have to have another cup of tea to celebrate!” 

In addition to winning the division one prize, the couple’s System 7 QuickPick entry also won division three 6 times, bolstering the total win to $1,002,919.60. 

The winning entry was purchased online at thelott.com – Australia’s official lotteries.