Fifty years of playing the same numbers has delivered a Zetland man a million-dollar division one win on his mother’s birthday, a special date that made up the winning combination of numbers. 

The New South Wales winner held one of the four division one winning entries in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 4082, drawn Monday 31 May 2021. Each division one winner takes home a prize of $1 million. 

Confirming his win with us this morning, the Sydney player explained he’d just sat down to check his ticket. 

“Wonderful!” he exclaimed. 

“Thank you. This is just what the doctor ordered. 

“Every Tuesday morning I check my ticket while I’m having breakfast. 

“I was just looking at the numbers and I thought, ‘these look familiar!’. 

“I’ve been playing the same numbers for about 50 years or more, so I recognised them straight away. 

“One of my numbers is my mum’s birthday, number 31 - which was yesterday. I won on her birthday! 

“This is excellent, I’m very excited. 

“It’s very good!” 

Now a millionaire, the man said he’d have plenty of time to enjoy his lottery fortune. 

“Well I am retired, so I am sure I will be able to enjoy this throughout my retirement,” he explained. 

“I think I will have to sit down and reassess things and really think about it. 

“I will certainly make some travel plans and I think now we will be sitting closer to the front of the plane. 

“It will be amazing!” 

The life-changing marked System-9 entry was purchased at East Village Newsagency, Shop 50, East Village Shopping Centre, 2-4 Defries Avenue, Zetland.