A southeast Queensland resident is $50 million richer after winning division one in tonight’s Oz Lotto draw—they just might not know it yet. 

The Sunshine State winner held the only division one winning entry nationally in Oz Lotto draw 1573, drawn Tuesday, 9 April 2024. They take home the entire $50 million jackpot. 

The elusive winner is the third-biggest winner of any lottery game so far in 2024.  

The winning entry was purchased on The Lott website – the official home of Australia’s lotteries. 

Although the entry is registered to an online account, we were unable to make contact with the winner tonight on the contact details provided to deliver the life-changing news.  

So far this year, there have been four Oz Lotto division one wins across Australia that have collectively taken home $90 million in prize money – with two wins each in Queensland and New South Wales.  

In addition to the sole division one winner in tonight’s Oz Lotto draw 1573 on 9 April 2024, 881,769 winners across division two to seven who collected $19,069,871.70. This includes 14 division two winners who each pocketed $49,961.40.  

We were ready to confirm Oz Lotto’s newest division one winner straight after the results of tonight’s draw were known, but sadly when we called the number provided, it rang out and went straight to message bank.

If you see a number of missed calls on your phone, you could be the winner we’re trying to contact!

You may not think it’s possible you’re the division one winner we’re searching for, but if you purchased an online entry into this week’s Oz Lotto draw that you haven’t checked yet, you’re in with a chance! 

We’re urging all Oz Lotto players to check their entries as soon as possible. If you discover you are holding the division one winning ticket contact the Lott on 131 868 to begin the process of claiming your prize.