A South Yarra man thought his heart was already pounding after his morning workout, but confessed it was beating even faster after the revelation he won $5 million in last night’s Oz Lotto draw.

The inner Melbourne man in his 30s held the only division one winning entry nationally in Oz Lotto draw 1357, drawn Tuesday 18 February 2020 and takes home the entire division one prize of $5,018,954.36.

In addition to winning division one, the man’s marked System 8 entry also scored division three 7 times and division seven 4 times, bolstering his total windfall to $5,051,885.21.

The Victorian winner was oblivious to his good fortune when we made contact to confirm the life-changing news.

“F***! I don’t have any words,” he exclaimed.

“It’s all just a little surreal. Oh man! This is amazing.

“I’m just home from the gym and I’m about to head to work. Clearly, I’m going to be running late today.

“I’’m shaking and I’ve sworn about 20 times already. Oh my god!

“I’ll need to calm down a bit.”

The breathless man is looking forward to saying goodbye to his mortgage, but says he will have to wait for his heart to stop racing before making any more decisions with his multi-million-dollar prize.

“Mate, I appreciate this call. This has come at an amazing time,” he declared.

“I can’t think at the moment but I may not fly economy anymore.

“I don’t think my day will get any better after this. I’ll be waiting patiently for that money to land in my account!”

The winning numbers in Oz Lotto draw 1357 on Tuesday 18 February 2020 were 37, 9, 16, 13, 39, 11 and 43. The supplementary numbers were 31 and 29.