Get ready, Australia! Tonight is going to be BIG. We’re talking big excitement, big fun, and a big $50 million Oz Lotto jackpot!  

It’s the first time we’ve seen an Oz Lotto jackpot of this size in 2022 and we can’t wait to see if any Aussies will become the game’s first division one winner for the year.

But just how big is this $50 million prize? 

We’ve rolled out the measuring tapes, scales, and whatever we could remember from math class to help put this massive jackpot into perspective.

Not so brief

An average briefcase fits $1 million worth of $100 notes, meaning you’d need 50 briefcases to store a $50 million Oz Lotto prize.

A load of trucks

With the average semi-trailer weighing in at 36 tonnes, it would take four and a half of these trucks to match the weight of $50 million in $2 coins. 

The long win

If you put $50 million worth of $100 notes end to end, it would form a line long enough to lap the length of Bondi Beach 79 times! 

Oh là là!

It would take one billion five-cent pieces to make up $50 million. That amount of coins would weigh 15,500 tonnes — much heavier than the Eiffel Tower, which weighs in at only 10,100 tonnes.  

New heights

A stack of $100 notes worth $50 million would rise up 70 metres tall. That’s about ten times as tall as a giraffe!

In 2021, 18 division one entries across Australia collectively won more than $279.7 million, so we’re expecting more big things from Oz Lotto this year.

Make sure to grab your entry for the chance to become the first Oz Lotto multi-millionaire of 2022!

And don’t worry, if there's a winner, you won’t have to collect your prize in five-cent pieces.  

Oz Lotto draw 1458 closes 7:30pm AEST, Tuesday 25 January.