The Oz Lotto jackpot has climbed to $70 million for this Tuesday night’s draw. Any division one winners could soon be enjoying a massive multi-million dollar boost just in time for the new financial year. 

With a truckload of cash that big, we’re sure Australians everywhere are wondering what they would do if their entry took out top prize. 

Well, no-one knows better than the people who have actually had that exhilarating experience. 

It’s not every day a huge $70 million is up for grabs, so it’s pretty special for the winners who’ve had their life changed forever by a jackpot of this size.  

Curious to know what real winners planned to do with their windfall? The answers are as varied as our winners themselves! 

A family syndicate from regional Victoria who took home a slice of an Oz Lotto $70 million jackpot back in 2018 had everything from upgrading some home appliances to drought-proofing their property on their radar. 

On the day we confirmed their amazing win with them, they shared their plans. 

“We’ve had a group chat going all morning about how we are each going to spend our share of the win. 

“One of us is going to buy a new washing machine and another is going to get a rain water tank. 

“We are planning a holiday to Europe to visit family and there is talk of celebrating a milestone birthday next year on a cruise.

“We’re going to do heaps of stuff!”

A hardworking Lithgow man also had his dreams come true when he won a share of an Oz Lotto $70 million jackpot. 

Once the mind-blowing news began to sink in, the New South Wales man speculated how he might use his prize.

“It goes without saying I’ll be helping the kids out and I’m sure my retirement plans will be fast-tracked,” he declared. 

“I’ll tell you what - my next holiday will be at the pointy end of the plane!” 

Seventy million dollars is one of the biggest jackpots we’ve seen in 2019 and up to one-in-four Australian adults are expected to have an entry into the draw.

Could we be ringing you with some-life changing news? What would you do if you became an over night multi-millionaire?