A man from Barmera, a town in the Riverland region of South Australia, couldn’t believe his eyes when his numbers rolled across the Keno screen and won a Keno Spot 9 prize of $150,000 on the weekend!

The excited man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was in disbelief when he won the $150,000 Keno Spot 9 prize at the Barmera Hotel on Barwell Avenue.

“I have never ever won something that big!” the man exclaimed.

“I’d only been playing Keno for three weeks, and I won on my last entry for the day!

“I was mucking around with the bar staff - joking that I’d like to collect my $15 win but they said to me, ‘Sorry! Your prize is a bit bigger than that!’

“Moments later the Keno screen popped up with a message saying there had been a Keno Spot 9 win at Barmera Hotel worth $150,000!

“I thought it couldn’t be me, it can’t be me, there’s no way it’s me! But it was me - I’d won!

“After a bit of celebrating, my first plan is to go on a holiday to Darwin and take it easy!”