A family man from Brighton admitted he was surprised when he discovered his Keno Spot 8 entry won him $50,000.

The winning Keno Spot 8 entry in draw 2260638 held on Friday 7 July was purchased at Brighton Metro Hotel, 466 Brighton Road, Brighton.

When a SA Lotteries official phoned to ask how it had felt to win the prize earlier in the month, the man confessed it was a ‘pretty good feeling’.

“You can’t complain about that!” the happy man shared.

“I found out after the draw had happened; I didn’t watch it – so I didn’t really know until I had checked my ticket.

“It was such a surprise! – I usually get $2 back here and there but this was a lot bigger than usual!” the man exclaimed.

When asked how he planned to spend the money the young professional explained that the wind-fall would help his family.

“We already had a holiday planned prior to the win, so it helped with the spending money.

“We took the kids away for the school holiday which was good fun.

“We will probably spend the rest on renovations at this stage. The house is getting a bit small for the three kids so it’s perfect to help do stuff around the house – it will be a big help.

“I won’t waste it – put it that way,” the man laughed.

Keno is a game whereby 20 numbers are randomly generated from a possible 80.

To win a Keno Spot 8 prize, a player must match all eight of the numbers selected on their ticket against the 20 numbers drawn.

Keno draw results are available online at thelott.com/salotteries.