A grateful Cheltenham couple have shared their complete disbelief at their good fortune after they scored a $50,000 Keno Spot 8 prize in a recent draw. 

The Adelaide duo held a Keno Spot 8 winning entry in draw 2655409 on Sunday 16 August 2020 and take home $50,000. 

Sharing their joy with us this morning, the happy winners revealed they initially didn’t believe their win was real. 

“It’s so exciting! We’ve been playing Keno for a while, but we’ve never won anything like this!” the wife exclaimed. 

“We pop down to the local shop to get our tickets, and then, later on, we check the numbers on the app. 

“When we checked our ticket on Sunday night my husband said to me ‘I think we’ve won’. 

“I said ‘No we haven’t’. I just didn’t believe it. I only told him a couple of weeks ago that we’d never win. 

“We checked the numbers again and again. I’m still taking it all in. 

“It’s only just hitting me now that I’ve claimed my prize. I was so doubtful it could be true. I just kept checking it over and over again. 

“It’s just wonderful. We are very excited!” 

When asked how they planned to enjoy their Keno prize, the elated winners declared it would be life-changing to be able to pay off all of their bills. 

“We’ve got a few bills to pay so it will be awesome to just get those out of the way!” she declared. 

“We are just so grateful. This will really help us out. It’s life-changing. 

“It will be great to take the bills away and then have some leftover. 

“We will leave that in the bank while we think about how to spend it.” 

The happy pair, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their entry at IGA Alberton, 33A Fussell Place, Alberton.