A Hove woman was left in amazement after her “bad day” was completely flipped on its head in the best way possible with a Keno Spot 8 win worth $50,000.   

The South Australian scored the Keno Spot 8 jackpot in draw 240611 855, drawn Wednesday, 12 June 2024, and took home $50,000.

“I’m pretty stoked!” she laughed.

“I had a really crappy day at work, so I wanted to go for dinner. I called my partner and said, ‘Meet me at the pub!’.

“We had dinner and a couple of games of Keno and next thing you know; we win the Spot 8!

“It’s the best thing to come out of a bad day!”

“Thank you so much. I’m so grateful.”

When asked how she planned to use her newfound treasure, the gleeful woman revealed she looked forward to upgrading her upcoming holiday, helping her family, and treating herself.

“It’s such a nice surprise. We can buy some things we wouldn’t normally buy for ourselves and just live it up!” she said.

“We have an upcoming holiday planned so there will be no restrictions!

“Of course, I’ll help my family too.”

The woman’s entry was purchased at Bay Motel Hotel, 58 Broadway, Glenelg.