A self-described “lucky” Moonta man has admitted he’s feeling completely numb, after scoring two Keno Spot 8 prizes in four days, taking home a total of $100,000. 

The happy man scored the first $50,000 Keno Spot 8 prize in draw 210612 733, drawn Saturday 12 June 2021. 

He then scored another $50,000 Keno Spot 8 prize in draw 210616 890, drawn Wednesday 16 June 2021. 

The South Australian man admitted he was on cloud nine after his winning streak. 

“I am feeling pretty good, as you can imagine!” he laughed. 

“I found out about the first win on Saturday night. I was actually at the pub when the win happened. 

“It was a huge shock! I was about to check my ticket when I saw the win come up on the screen and I knew straight away that it was me.

“I was with my mum and she couldn’t believe it! 

“Everyone in the pub was screaming and cheering for me! It was great fun. 

“Then I went to go into The Lott head office to claim my prize and when I arrived home, I decided to play a bit more Keno because I was feeling lucky! 

“That’s when I won again! I couldn’t believe I had another win. 

“And you won’t believe this, but I have actually won the Spot 8 prize before too! 

“I just can’t believe I am so lucky. This seems too unbelievable. 

“I feel very, very numb. 

“I can’t wait to pop a bottle of champagne with my partner to celebrate.” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his prize, the stoked bloke didn’t' hesitate. 

“The last time I won the prize, I renovated my home,” he explained. 

“This time, it’s going to be for fun! I am going to go on lots of holidays. 

“The first one I am planning will be up north. I want to escape the cold! 

“I want to go overseas too, once we can do that again.” 

The winning entries were both purchased at Moonta Hotel, 1 George Street, Moonta. 

Moonta Hotel duty manager Tahlia Shailer said the entire team was celebrating making one of their patrons a major prize winner. 

“It was so incredibly cool when we saw the win come up,” she said. 

“I was actually there with the winner! Everyone was so excited when we realised he’d won. There was so much cheering and screaming. 

“He is one of our regulars, so we really couldn’t be any more excited. 

“There’s nothing better than having a regular customer win a major prize. 

“We wish him all the best with his win and hope he enjoys it. 

“We actually had a few other bigger wins this week, so we are hoping this is the start of a winning streak. 

“We are over the moon!”