A businessman from the Mount Barker district admitted his jaw dropped when he discovered his Keno Spot 10 entry won the jackpot prize of more than $1 million! 

The happy new millionaire purchased his winning ticket from the Commercial Hotel in Strathalbyn on Sunday but was in Adelaide on Monday afternoon when he made the staggering realisation about his windfall.

“I came into town today and was running around for a while so I thought I’d go check my Keno tickets that I bought yesterday,” he explained.

“I won 100 bucks on one, but then the lady at the newsagent said she couldn’t pay out my other ticket and I’d have to go claim it at the SA Lotteries office.

“So I thought it’s got to be one thousand or ten thousand or one of those bigger prizes.

“When I came here and discovered it was more than $1 million, well, the jaw did drop!” he laughed.

He confessed it would take him a while to adjust to his new millionaire status.

“To realise I’m now a millionaire is all a bit strange at the moment,” he said.

“My wife is going to look at me in absolute disbelief when I tell her this!

“In fact, I’d like to take her on a special overseas trip to Europe.

“I never like to plan too far ahead but life has definitely changed for us now. I’ll take a long time to think about what to do without rushing out to do too much.”

The man explained he liked to play for the Keno jackpot but never expected it would go off twice in one day.

“I always get an entry in Keno when the jackpot climbs up higher and yesterday I was at the hotel and this guy said to me ‘You know the $3.5 million’s jackpot’s just gone off!’” he explained.

“And I said ‘Oh no! I just bought a ticket here!’ and I thought that’s no good for me because it’s going to be many months before the jackpot is won again.

“So I feel extremely lucky! I never expected that the jackpot prize would go off again on the same day like that.”

As for how he picked his winning numbers - the man said he had simply held onto the same randomly generated numbers and played them again.

“My winning numbers were an old QuickPick that I kept and played it again occasionally over the last couple of months.”

The winning Keno Spot 10 QuickPick entry in Keno draw 2237316 held on Monday 1 May was purchased from the Commercial Hotel, 27 High Street in Strathalbyn.

Stacey Butler and Kelly Townsend are the owners of the Commercial Hotel and were delighted to have sold a Keno Spot 10 jackpot to one of their patrons.

“It’s fantastic news to know a millionaire’s been in our town!” Ms Butler exclaimed.

“We wish the winner all the very best with their jackpot windfall and hope to see more big winners through our doors very soon!”

The winning Keno numbers in draw 2237316 held on Monday 1 May were 17, 30, 23, 15, 19, 47, 45, 52, 25, 61, 68, 58, 76, 9, 44, 69, 32, 41, 62 and 11.

Keno Spot 10 Jackpot won twice in one day!

Earlier that very same day at approximately 4pm on Monday 1 May, the Spot 10 Jackpot prize of more than $3.5 million was cracked.

Two mates from Gawler, in northern greater Adelaide, became the talk of the town and South Australia after they won the record-breaking jackpot prize.

The self-confessed “laid back sort of characters” were having a chat and a catch up over a few drinks at the Kingsford Hotel when their numbers flashed up on the Keno screen.

The $3,529,036.30 jackpot was the biggest prize amount offered to Keno players during the past 15 years, with the Spot 10 prize jackpotting since April 2016 when a Millicent local won more than $2.4 million.

The winning Keno numbers in draw 2237292 held on Monday 1 May were 49, 36, 70, 48, 1, 2, 74, 7, 41, 9, 62, 68, 60, 29, 23, 72, 3, 25, 39 and 67.

The back-to-back Keno Spot 10 jackpot wins on the very same day just go to show that you never know when or where the jackpot prize will be won!

Keno is a game whereby 20 numbers are randomly generated from a possible 80.

To win a Keno Spot 10 jackpot prize, a player must match all ten of the numbers selected on their ticket against the 20 numbers drawn.

Keno draw results are available online at theLott.com.au.