A Para Hills pub patron picked up more than just a parmy and a drink on the weekend when they purchased a winning Keno Spot 9 entry into draw 2409068 on Saturday 8 September 2018, taking home a prize of $150,000.
What the winner plans to do with their prize will forever remain a mystery as they have chosen to remain completely anonymous and celebrate in private.
From overseas holidays to new cars, SA Lotteries spokesperson Bronnie Spencer said Keno winners used their windfall in a variety of ways.
“Many winners tell us they will use their Keno windfall to fund an overseas getaway, including cruises, road trips and for one couple – their honeymoon!” she said.
“While other winners tell us it will go towards buying a new car for their family or putting them one step closer to paying off their house or buying their dream home.
“The ways Keno winners spend their prizes are as vast and diverse as Keno players themselves!”
The winning Keno Spot 9 entry was purchased from Somerset Hotel, 505 Bridge Road, Para Hills.   
Gaming manager at Somerset Hotel, Jacqualine Malpass, said she was thrilled the outlet had sold another major prize.
“We are really excited one of our customers came in for a meal and walked out with $150,000!” she exclaimed.
“We’ve sold a couple of Keno Spot 10’s in the past but we were thrilled a local took home a big win over the weekend.
“We hope to sell another winner soon!”
Last financial year, there were 19 Keno Spot 8, 9 and 10 winners across South Australia who landed more than $4.52 million.  Spot 10 was won twice during this time – a prize of more than $2.017 million in December 2017 and a prize of more than $1.474 million in April 2018.
Keno is a game whereby 20 numbers are randomly generated from a possible 80. To win a Keno Spot 8 prize, a player must match all eight of the numbers selected on their ticket against the 20 numbers drawn.