A Newton tradie is looking forward to trading his work car for a new van after scoring a $50,000 Keno Spot 8 prize. 

The happy winner held a Keno Spot 8 winning entry in draw 2693370 drawn Thursday 3 December 2020 and takes home a $50,000 prize. 

Sharing his excitement with us this morning, the thrilled tradie recounted the moment he discovered the win. 

“It feels awesome to see that money in my bank account!” he exclaimed. 

“I’m over the moon! 

“I had to grab a few things from the shops, so I put a ticket on before grabbing some groceries. Then I went and did the school run and got home and started doing all the usual afternoon things. 

“I was just milling about in the kitchen when I remembered I had bought the ticket, so I got my phone and checked the numbers in the last few draws. 

“I saw one where the pattern of numbers looked like the pattern on my ticket. I thought ‘holy crap that looks like my numbers’. 

“I initially thought I might have won a Spot 7 and had won eight grand. 

“Then it dawned on me I’d put a Spot 8 game on, and when I checked the numbers, I realised I had actually won $50,000. 

“What a feeling! It was a great feeling! You can’t believe how many times I double-checked the numbers. I must have checked it a million times. I got my family to check the numbers too!” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his Keno windfall, the happy winner said he was looking forward to splurging as well as saving. 

“There a lots of things I am going to use it for, but I’ve already given half to the wife to save,” he explained. 

“I am going to get myself a new work car. I really need to upgrade to a new van so I’ll do that. 

“There are a couple of little bills to take care of as well and I might splash out on some new clothes for me and the family. 

“It’s just a fantastic time of year to have had a win. It’s such great timing I really can’t believe it!” 

The happy winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning entry at Metro Newsagency Newton, Shop 26, Newton Shopping Centre, 2999 Montacute Road, Newton.