A Kingston SE man is looking forward to sipping a glass of champagne tonight to celebrate scoring a $50,000 Keno Spot 8 prize yesterday.

The winning entry was not registered to an Easiplay Club Card so we had to wait for the winner to check their ticket and come forward to claim their prize.

When speaking with us this afternoon, the Kingston man recounted how he discovered his happy news.

“I was at my local pharmacy and thought I’d buy a Spot 8 while I was there,” he explained.

“It wasn’t until later I was at the local hotel that I saw on the screen that a Keno Spot 8 winner had been sold at the pharmacy.

“I thought to myself ‘sh** – that’s probably me’ but I kept my ticket in my wallet until I got home and checked the winning numbers online.

“I still couldn’t believe it! But here I am! A winner!”

When asked how he planned to spend his Keno windfall, the winner revealed he didn’t have any set plans.

“I’m not sure how I will spend it yet. It’s still sinking in!” he laughed.

“I do know how I am going to celebrate – head out for dinner with the wife and have a glass of champagne to celebrate.”

The Spot 8 winning entry in Keno draw 2427819 on Thursday 1 November 2018 was purchased Kingston Pharmacy, 17 Agnes Street, Kingston SE.

Kingston Pharmacy manager Annie Barnett said she was excited to hear the outlet had sold its biggest Keno prize yet.

“That’s fantastic! How good is that!” she exclaimed.

“We are so pleased the winner has come forward to claim their prize! We wish them all the best with their celebrations!” she exclaimed.