Two mates from Gawler, in northern greater Adelaide, will be the talk of the town and South Australia after they won a record-breaking $3.5 million Keno Spot 10 Jackpot prize early yesterday evening!

SA Lotteries congratulated the two winning mates, who are long-standing family friends, on their dream-come-true, multi-million dollar windfall. They won the jackpot prize of $3,529,036.30 in draw 2237282 which occurred around 4pm on Monday 1 May.

The self-confessed “laid back sort of characters” were having a chat and a catch up over a few drinks at the Kingsford Hotel, 32 Murray Street in Gawler, when their numbers flashed up on the Keno screen.

“We’ve been buying Keno tickets jointly for a month or so. We stand right next to the machine and we just watch the Keno screen and have a chat,” one of the winning men explained.

“Last night my mate turned to me and I think his immortal words were ‘I think we got a few numbers in this one!’

“That’s when we saw the jackpot message pop up on the screen saying the Keno Spot 10 Jackpot had been won at Kingsford Hotel.

“There was this other lady and she was the only other person around the hotel playing Keno at the time. She jammed her ticket in the reader and said to us, ‘Well, it’s not me!’

“So we just grinned at each other! It had to be us! We had a few extra drinks and let it rip!”

The smiling duo admitted they had no idea yet as to how they’d spend their $1.76 million cut, but said they’d been joking about the endless possibilities.

“We’re splitting it but I don’t think either of us really know what we’re going to do yet. It hasn’t really hit home because we haven’t seen the colour of the money,” he laughed.

“We were joking on the way down to Adelaide seeing bull dozers and things, ‘Ooohh we could afford one of those now!’ but that’s as far as it’s gone. We were just being whimsical!

“We’ll let the dust settle a bit and then who knows!”

When asked how they picked the winning ten numbers that cracked the jackpot the men explained they’d simply let the machine decide.

“The winning ten numbers were originally a QuickPick and we played the same numbers again three times so it was actually third time lucky.”

The winning Keno Spot 10 QuickPick entry in Keno draw 2237292 held on Monday 1 May 2017 was purchased from the Kingsford Hotel, 32 Murray Street in Gawler.

Tony Harnett is the owner of Kingsford Hotel and was thrilled to have seen the history-making jackpot won by local patrons.

“The Kingsford Hotel, Gawler, congratulates our Spot 10 Keno winners!” Mr Harnett exclaimed.

“It’s great to see it won by local members of our community and we know the win will make a tremendous difference to their lives.”

The winning Keno numbers in draw 2237292 held on Monday 1 May were 49, 36, 70, 48, 1, 2, 74, 7, 41, 9, 62, 68, 60, 29, 23, 72, 3, 25, 39 and 67.

The $3,529,036.30 jackpot was the biggest prize amount offered to Keno players during the past 15 years, with the Spot 10 prize jackpotting since April 2016 when a Millicent local won more than $2.4 million.

Keno Spot 10 Jackpot won twice in one day!

Later that very same day at approximately 5:30pm on Monday 1 May, the Spot 10 Jackpot Prize was cracked again!

The Jackpot Prize was sitting at just over $1 million when it was won for the second time yesterday by a businessman from the Mount Barker district.

The new millionaire, who purchased his entry from the Commercial Hotel in Strathalbyn, admitted he never expected to win the major prize so soon after the last jackpot went off – in fact, the wins were only an hour and a half a part!

The happy man confessed his jaw did drop when he realised he’d just become a millionaire winning $1,001,626.10 and planned to take his wife on an overseas trip to Europe.

The back to back Keno Spot 10 jackpot wins on the very same day just go to show that you never know when or where the jackpot prize will be won!

The winning Keno numbers in draw 2237316 held on Monday 1 May were 17, 30, 23, 15, 19, 47, 45, 52, 25, 61, 68, 58, 76, 9, 44, 69, 32, 41, 62 and 11.

Keno is a game whereby 20 numbers are randomly generated from a possible 80. To win a Keno Spot 10 jackpot prize, a player must match all ten of the numbers selected on their ticket against the 20 numbers drawn.

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